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What's happened to Madasafish webmail?

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What's happened to Madasafish webmail?

Been on Madasafish webmail for years but now been changed over to Plusnet webmail. Don't know what others think but in my opinion the format is no where near as good and it seems a lot slower. To make matters worse all my address book has disappeared! I can easily adapt to the Plusnet way but it feels like a step backwards. However what I can't do is remember all the contact details held in my address book........very annoying and frustrating! Anybody else got this problem or is it just me? The other thing I can't see is how much data storage I have used. On Madasafish my webmail limit was 100Mb of which I typically ran at 90Mb. Does that still apply? And how do I know if I'm getting close or even exceed it?

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Re: What's happened to Madasafish webmail?