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What is the point in ...

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What is the point in ...

I have just been watching some council men cutting the grass. After one does that, a second goes around with a strimmer, doing a council version of edging, I guess (and so to speak). Immediately after him comes a third with one of those reverse vacuum cleaners that blow things. Um, a blower. So I muse to myself at this waste of time. Why? Because it's very, very windy outside today. What is the point?
Feel free to add your own 'what is the point' points.
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Re: What is the point in ...

I Guess this is quite common.
We had some Ivy growing up a lamp post outside our house and when they came to clean the lamp one chap knocked on my door and said that will have to be removed and some one will come next week to do it. Told him that was no problem.
Two weeks later a couple of guys in suits knocked on the door...... that Ivy will have to be removed.  Told them no problem.
One week later a council van parked outside the house and some guy started taking photographs of the Lamp post.
That was 5 YEARS ago and the ivy is still there...........
Perhaps my biggest mistake was to tell them removing it was no problem then no doubt it would have been removed.
Under normal circumstances Lamp posts are on a street or road but this particular one like several others around here are on a small strip of land between the road & front garden so it hard to know who legally owns the land hence the reason why they asked for permission to cut it.