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What did it look like back then?

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What did it look like back then?

Just read this article Before they ruled the internet: 'Ancient' home pages for Amazon, Google and 'The Facebook' show much... then found this site
Interesting to see PN's & BT's home pages from December 1996.
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Re: What did it look like back then?

Weirdly there was also an article about that on the sun today too - just like your other topic.
I thought the two papers were not related?
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Re: What did it look like back then?

[quote="Miserable tax payer"]
Brings me back to the old days when a 56k phone modem was top of the range, we had to wait for minutes to download pictures, and altavista yahoo was the search king.
Watt I agree with 100%
Here is  Force9's Old main page from My Archive, a blast from the past, it looked like that when I signed up with Force9.
from My Archive:
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That brings back memories.   Smiley
Force9 is on the Wayback Machine Here