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What colour do you want

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What colour do you want
Huawei has obviously taken some design cues from the likes of the Nike Fuelband SE and Fitbit Flex fitness trackers with its ?? ?? ?? design but has slapped a colour screen on it and a glossy plastic paint job.
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Re: What colour do you want

High impact colour for the leak,but I expect they will do a range of colours including black -which I expect should look rather smart. I wouldn't mind one to be honest.
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Re: What colour do you want

Cool Damn that's ugly.
Colours from the same hideous school-of-design as the Nokia Lumia range? Somewhere, some trendy thinks his 3D-printed colour range is real, here and fashionable. No, they are just plastic colours. Only Apple's chromatic range is worth any kudos.
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Re: What colour do you want

When I was little I did a little work at an Apple customer support centre - In the days when they had those Macs that were different colours. Around the time they had just announced the ipod they made the decision to STOP doing these macs in all the fancy colours. I thought the lack of colour was a big mistake, the colours gave them character, plus I like bright colours. That said, I'd never have an iphone, for similar reasons I'd never have a 'windows phone'...
Colour though, yeah, it works, but it also limits *parts* of your market.. Most guys would go for black or white, girls are more acceptive of colour.. I used to like Nokia, they were  the best! Now I have a Huawei and a Samsung.