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What a prat...He could have killed someone

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What a prat...He could have killed someone

This guy should be prosecuted for dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention...



he has his girlfriend in the car... and (presumabl) their baby  ( see it in the back seat ? )  and he is hammering along a dual carriageway, overtaking vehicles using one hand to drive and the other to stop his girlfriend doing something to the cam.


1 year ban, and 6 points should sort him out... 


he could have caused a major accident, by his antics.   killed other people, AND his child and girlfriend too.


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Re: What a prat...He could have killed someone

Frightening to think of idiots like this on the road and sadly they seem to be a increasing number of them these days.

Complete airheads......1 year ban and made to take a driving test again.

I cannot understand the 12 points and a automatic ban ? How come a some have more than 12 points yet still keep their licence......why do the courts listen to the usual sob stories !

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Re: What a prat...He could have killed someone

It's lucky we no longer need police patrol vehicles, not with all those life saving speed cameras everywhere.Sad