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What a load of poo !

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What a load of poo !

For many years now, it has been an offence for Dog Owners, not to clean up after their dog has left its load on the daily/morning/evening walk... regardless of whether it be in a urban environment, or the parks and countryside.

Does this same law apply to horse and pony owners/riders? 


Recently, a person, in a small trap, with a small pony was stopped on a fairly straight but busy ,local road, sort of in the country, but really in a non-built up corridor between two vilages,  The road is double width, and capable of carrying hgv traffic both ways with no problems,. ... No problem with the pony and trap being stopped, but when I had overtaken and checked my rear view mirror, the pony had left behind a pile of poo, and the driver was not making any effort to clear it from the road,... Indeed, the next day, passing that spot, it was obvious that it had been splattered and squashed by several vehicles.

Surely these "horsey" people, should carry large bags and a shovel, to clear up... in the same manner as dog owners.


Yeah, I know, lots of dog owners try to "get away" with not clearing up.  but it is still against the law not to do so....

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Re: What a load of poo !

i've had this gripe too for a long time.
we have a country park where the paths are shared by walkers, runners, cyclists and horses.

many time i've had to avoid a pile of horse [-Censored-] in the path.

i mentioned it to a friend who has horses and the response i got was a laugh with the response of "do you want us to stop and pick it up or something".
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Re: What a load of poo !

cats are worse

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Re: What a load of poo !

I queried this a few years ago as the same horse kept leaving droppings right across our drive way every day and you couldn't get the car in or out without trailing it up our drive.


I was told there was nothing anyone could do about it as it wasn't an offence. 

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Re: What a load of poo !

Well here in the Borders there are lots and lots and lots of horses, so horse plop on the roads is something you get used to. Having said that, we also have events called 'Common Ridings' and when these are on the roads can be green for days due to the tonnes of horse plop left during the event that can involve hundreds of horses.


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Re: What a load of poo !

How times have changed! When I was a kid in London, neighbours in our road would compete with one another to bag any horse manure that the milkman's horse dropped. 




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Re: What a load of poo !

ye its always good for the Rhubarb or your roses

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Re: What a load of poo !

cyrilclark1 wrote:  bag any horse manure that the milkman's horse dropped. 

 We used to have the biggest Geraniums in our road.




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Re: What a load of poo !

Perhaps they have a different policy in London, after horse guards parade and similar events someone clears the stuff up.

We cannot leave stuff like that on the streets of London !


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Re: What a load of poo !

Next up, farmers picking collecting cow dung from countryside public rights of way?

Interesting question though I must admit and as for dog fouling, one of my pet hates - no pun intended. 

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