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What a Turn up from Tesco

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

The old CRT TV is becoming a well sought after item for retro gaming. Wish I kept mine as I do like a bit of retro gaming.

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

Still have a Samsung widescreen CRT loitering in this house, never moved it cos it was too heavy for me to lift so sat the energy sucker (plasma) infront of it to hide it... Funny

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

Some were certainly heavier than others and yes, I've lifted more that a few!

Grundig's always seem to be the heaviest according to my back even when I was much younger. As for those 26" cabinet jobs what did they think they were making, radiograms? Grin

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

I had a 32" CRT TV on a glass and metal stand.

The stand was heavier than the TV and together they were a 2 to 3 man job to move once assembled.

When I purchased my 40" LCD TV it was easily lifted with one hand.

When I get my paper thin, hang on the wall with blu-tack TV I'll be hoping nobody switches on a fan during a hot summer or it might blow away.

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

@Minivanman  Your comment re. "cabinet jobs" reminded me of a story I heard many years ago.  This was when plastic was quite a new material, and a woman was invited into her neighbour's house to see their new TV set.  The TV was housed in a highly polished walnut cabinet which the visitor stroked and commented, "Wonderful, it's almost like real plastic."

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

@Minivanman I think it was six years ago that we got rid of large CRT tele in favour of 32" flat screen model.

I'd paid for old tele to be removed and driver could hardly lift it - it weighed 44kg from memory.

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Re: What a Turn up from Tesco

When my parents replaced their 32" CRT with a flat screen SWMBO and me took the old one. Between us we managed to lift it onto an old office chair and wheeled it out to the car. We then did the reverse when we got it home.


Strangely their 32" flat screen viewing area looked so much smaller than the old CRTCheesy


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