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Weekend TV

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Weekend TV

Is it my imagination or, do there seem to be a lot what would normally be regarded as (er! cheap) weekday daytime TV programmes on over the weekend these days.
Such as:
Bargain Hunt, Pointless (admittedly usually a celebrity edition), The Chase, Tipping Point. There are probably a few more.
Whilst on weekend TV; the regularly changing Lottery programme game show, isn't the current one Win your Wish List the worst yet attracting players with the lowest denominator IQ, even the horror of Dale Winton;s In it To Win It show is better than this..
Experience; is something you gain, just after you needed it most.

When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you. But because in that brief moment while the coin is in the air. You suddenly know what you are hoping for.
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Re: Weekend TV

It's funny you should say that but I had a similar thought this afternoon when I put the TV on and got Bargain Hunt - a programme I can't stand. The TV went off immediately. Sad