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Webmail and Apple Mail

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Webmail and Apple Mail

Having to use webmail when away from home is immensely irritating, especially when using an iPhone. The text is small, and the webmail does not call up the contact list. Why cannot plusnet allow one to use the Mail application when out and about instead of having to use webmail? 

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Re: Webmail and Apple Mail

Ask plusnet - we don't know why.

Webmail (eg yahoo) has advatages that you can access it anywhere, don't need to download emails (putting you at risk of loosing them in a system crash) and only need a browser to use it.

Mail clients need to be configired with the right access settings and if you don't get this right it will delete mail from the server when you download it. Additionally if you use different computers you need to download copies of the mail on each one unless using the imap protocol.

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