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Web Rich List

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Web Rich List

The BBC posted a list of "internet billionaires", people who are now very rich due to the internet.  The list is dominated by Americans, with China and Japan having several between them, but there is only one European, a German.  The top 10 has 7 Americans, 2 Japanese and 1 Chinese person, but why are there no British internet billionaires?  We have Sir Tim who "invented" the world wide web, we have those really brainy people who developed the packet technology, it could be argued that British innovation helped the internet get where it is today *although it could also be argued that it would have got here anyhow).
So why are there no British internet billionaires?  Are we a nation of people who are unable to exploit the internet?  Are we a nation where there are no VC's willing to fund internet startups even though, as Google has shown us, it's possible to become very wealthy?
If we look at the top of the list, there is Google who brought out a simple, clean webpage to search the internet, replacing the clunky search engines of the time and are now dominant, later adding advertising they are now a major player in only a few short years.
It's not a location issue, Amazon and Ebay are on there which both started out very small, Amazon started out from some guys garage, whilst Ebay (iirc) started out as a way to buy/sell knitting patterns, these are now global companies.  Ebay gets to be dominant because you can't compete against it as everyone uses Ebay.
The German billionaire in the list, is in the list because he invested $100,000 into Google.
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Re: Web Rich List

We're very good at inventing things for other people to develop and exploit.

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