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We are definitely all doomed...

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We are definitely all doomed...

If that planet doesn't get us the zombies willRoll eyes


And I thought it was all just Sci-FiCheesy


Like some of the advice:

Keep quiet: Zombies with 'CDHD' would have very little memory and poor concentration, so if you hid, something else would likely capture their attention, keeping you safe.


Mimic them: Zombies wouldn't be able to recognise faces so they identify each other by movements and sounds. 'If confronted with a herd of the undead with no clear avenue of escape, do what Shaun and his friends did in 'Shaun of the dead' – act like a zombie. Do it with enough accuracy and you can wander through the herd undetected,' the researchers said.


Just described our local Tesco on a Friday nightTongue


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Re: We are definitely all doomed...

I`m glad we shop at Morrisons then Grin