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We are all 'extragalactic immigrants'

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We are all 'extragalactic immigrants'

Good one to remember next time you want to win an argument. Quite an interesting article.


Each one of us may be made in part from extragalactic matter, claims a new study.

Up to half the matter in our Milky Way may come from distant galaxies up to one million light years away, making us 'extragalactic immigrants', according to astrophysicists from Northwestern University.

The research, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, could completely transform our understanding of how galaxies formed after the Big Bang.

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Re: We are all 'extragalactic immigrants'

Unfortunately, according to

There are only 17 galaxies within one million light years.

Indeed the "local group" of galaxies is much bigger than this.

So this is a very misleading statement.

Actually, since matter can't come from nowhere, it must have come from a

Distant Galaxy far, far away... Cheesy

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