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Waxoyled Cat

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Waxoyled Cat

I had to dig this up from the Land Rover Forum for a rerun. Thank you Nige.
One of my Land Rover sprat moments?, or just “unlucky”
The winch event I’m organising looms close, very close, Sunday to be precise, and I have been burning the midnight oil to get things sorted on the 90 V8 as I am COC….
The new 12,000 Hydraulic Winch is working (a tale in itself) the cage is 90% done (all the inside tight to the bodywork done as per earlier post), radio is in (ta Jon), ARB lockers work, cubby box fitted (CB going in it), and loads of other work has been done……..
I really wanted to get some of this into the chassis before I started using it, so tonight was planned to be the night for Waxoyling the inside of the chassis….
I had gone to Halfords and bought 2 gallons, and knocked off work early…
I also had the real benefit of Sue (SWMBO) was out tonight, so I had since 3.00pm been shoving the 2 gallon cans into the sink with near boiling water…….
I should have known things were going to go “slightly wrong” when I started….
I decided to use John's Waxoyl gun, and my compressor, I had the propane burner on in the workshop since 3.00pm flat out and it was like the sahara, in fact it was so hot I decided a T shirt and shorts was the dress code………
Grabbing some white spirit to further thin the Waxoyl I entered the kitchen and unscrewed the Waxoyl lid…
Thhhhuuuumpppppppp !…great big snotty dollop spewed out over the kitchen work surface........, no probs I thought, I’ll sort that out when I’ve finished as I might make "a little bit more mess yet", .....glad Sues not in….
Clutching bloody hot Waxoyl injector thingy, part filled with Waxoyl and mixed with very very warm white spirit I squirted and soaked the chassis blasting away, and also practising holding my breath it went misty in the workshop….
1 Gallon later I was nearly there, I was at the rear cross member, with yet another huge refill…….
I ought to point out that I had also decided that at some of the angles I was at pulling and holding the trigger was a pain in the butt...( I have a really bad back) so I had devised a cunning lock of an elastic band on the trigger so that I could let it do it things whilst it sprayed away……
Shove tube into hole and pull trigger….lock and waggle etc…
Enter my wife’s love of her life…..
The cat….
It sat there and looked at me the way only a cat can….it sniffed (disapprovingly) the dripped Waxoyl, and I said…
“Huh, you don’t want to be in here matey, this stuff will stick to your fur like shit to a blanket”……And at that very point the jammed on tube extension came off the gun…
Could I release the elastic band round the trigger ?…
Could I Bollocks….
The gun squirted warm Waxoyl / white spirit out at a force never so far experienced, one particularly good jet hit the cat, who bolted, knocking over the 2/3 empty (1/3 full) can of hot Waxoyl / white spirit mix, which flowed oh so well under the landy, and into my T shirt, shorts and skin areas exposed..., but I was still fighting with the hot octopus trying to switch the damned thing off, but I failed. I was saved when it finally ran out…..
Just when I thought nothing could get worse than lying under a Land Rover with Waxoyl soaked clothes, Waxoyl dripping onto my hair and face, and running into my ears….
Some Waxoyl dripped onto the lead lamp….
Blackness as it also pinged the fuse for the lighting circuit. Getting myself out of the underneath of the landy proved fruitful in that I knew all the places that Waxoyl had “leaked” ……
Removing dripping clothes I entered house in “minimal clothes” to resolve fuse problem. When the lights went on I saw the cat…
Here Puddie cattie……
This did not improve the sink / kitchen area 1 little jot, .....ever tried holding a 'Waxoyled cat' in a sink with water and rags, especially when cat does not enjoy it?….
1 hour later the cat was scrubbed and very pee'd off with me. I’ve had 2 baths and also cleaned the bath. It seems that the bath will not be rusty….scrubbed kitchen floor, sink and worktop.
Will she notice….
Cat stinks, garage sticks, alley way stinks, I stink, kitchen smells of lemon washing up liquid, which strangely we seem to nearly be out of ?….floor stinks……
She will be back any minute…….
Nice job on the Landy tho....... :-)))
PS Unfortunately the Cat has now passed on, but he lived to a good age and certainly never went rusty.

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Re: Waxoyled Cat

Very good..... Grin Grin Grin Grin