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Water kerfuffle

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Water kerfuffle

Shoppers are scrambling for bottled water after a major pipeline burst near Hampton Court Palace - cutting off supply to thousands of families in south and west London.




One customer recalled frightening scenes in her local supermarket as locals scrambled for the remaining bottled water supplies.

She said: 'People have already been fighting over bottled water at my local supermarket.

So much for the Blitz spirit, it's survival of the fittest.

Remember your housebound and vulnerable neighbours



We had a couple of bursts earlier this year, United Utilities were very quick to supply bottled water.


Supermarket shelves, though not emptied, were depleted.


Didn't take to long to repair the burst mains.






Homes were evacuated in Britain today due to severe flooding after torrential downpours and thunderstorms, which are set to continue with a further four inches of rain still on the way this week.

The Met Office has issued a swathe of weather warnings over the next two days for the country, amid fears homes and businesses could be flooded and there could again be difficult driving conditions and road closures.

The Environment Agency has issued 44 flood alerts for England, advising flooding was possible, and seven more serious flood warnings, which mean flooding is expected and immediate action is needed.

The worst of the flooding today was seen within the Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire areas of North Wales, where homes were evacuated, roads were closed, trains were cancelled and a school was shut. 


Need a Brolly ?



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Re: Water kerfuffle

I hope that guy had a very good reason to have a trolly stacked up with water bottles like that.

Apart from the weight and safety aspect, it he was customer stocking up for just himself he should be ashamed - or even better named and shamed - and what was the supermarket thinking in allowing it?

Hopefully (sort of) he was collecting for others or maybe a care centre but these days such actions come as no surprise.

As for that weather, here in the south west Wales we seemed to have missed the worst of it and without wishing them ill, how nice to see the south east get a proper soaking for a change. Smiley


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Re: Water kerfuffle

It wasn't just Hampton; adjacent postcodes were affected, too.  It was my only day off this week, and I was going to do a bit of much needed cleaning, but with no water that's difficult!  I had no water from about 0830hrs to 1540hrs, and the pressure was too low for the boiler to kick in till about 1640hrs.  Again this morning (Thursday) the pressure was pitiful and too low for the boiler to work so I had to boil the kettle to be able to shave etc.  It seemed back to normal when I came home this evening about 2245hrs.

Thames Water promised bottled water if the supply wasn't back on in a couple of hours, but only set up one collection station many hours later, and that was in Hampton which, being closest to the problem, would presumably be the first area to get the supply back, and at adequate pressure.  How those less able to look after themselves were supposed to travel several miles to Hampton is anybody's guess.  This morning (Thursday) I saw Thames Water had set up several more bottled water collection points, but again all in Hampton.  If a tube train gets stuck in a tunnel on a hot day, London Underground hand out bottles of water to passengers who want it, as soon as they get out, and this is often (usually?) after a relatively short time, so what took Thames Water so long?

One of our local LibDem councillors was affected, and posted on our local community forum asking what had happened to the water supply.  The problem was in Vince Cable's constituency, and Sir Vince was quite vocal on Twitter about Thames Water.  Clearly our local LibDems don't follow their leader, at least not on Twitter. Shocked