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Water Tap Aerators and Flushing Loos

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Water Tap Aerators and Flushing Loos

I want to save water Angel and am exploring and testing water tap aerators and flushing loo systems. 

You may have already done so? Roll eyes If, so I seek your advice. Thumbs Up

So far, I have measured my sink hot and cold flow-rates on the kitchen mixer tap. The cold was 18 litres per minute (LPM) and the hot was 9 LPM. I switched it  to a 4 LPM aerator £1.99, ( and it was too weak for my needs, but a 6 LPM aerator, also £1.99)  is acceptable. Now I'm looking at all the other water outlets and thinking about those, have you replaced all of your taps? If so, any pointers would be welcome Cheesy


As for the loos, well they are both old single flush syphons (with a brick or water Hippo in the cistern) so, should I get a conversion to dual flush or is a variable hand flapper system better?Undecided 

The pub is two minutes from my home, although my home is two hours from the pub,
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Re: Water Tap Aerators and Flushing Loos

Is this a joke?