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Was it worth the effort?

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Was it worth the effort?
Thieves in Manchester dug a 100ft (30m) underground tunnel to get to a cash machine.
Officers believe the people responsible could have spent up to six months digging

DAK how much cash an ATM holds?
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Re: Was it worth the effort?

I believe it is in the region of 20 to 30 thousand, depending on the mix of notes in the machine.
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Re: Was it worth the effort?

I suppose if you've nothing better to do and digging around in the dirt and soil is your idea of fun for a hobby then yes I suppose it was possibly worth it - £6k is still £6k and if you found it on the street you wouldn't complain would you?
That said, there must be easier ways to make a few quid surely?
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Re: Was it worth the effort?

I Guess there are easier ways of making a few quid but there are less ways in the current climate.
Add any benefit payments to the 6k (no tax or Ni contributions to deduct) and it dosen't seem to bad.