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Warbird Workshop - Freeview, Thursday @ 9 on Yesterday

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Warbird Workshop - Freeview, Thursday @ 9 on Yesterday

Anyone see this last night on the Yesterday channel? - The restoration in this episode was of a seaking helicopter - the type used by the RAF for search and rescue.

The owners bought it in a pretty bad way and had their team restore it - all so the wife could become the first civilian pilot of one - with each engine costing £50k second hand!

It was an amazing programme to watch though i was a bit disappointed that they didn't show the blades "automatically" folding which they harped on about several times (I'll youtube that later).

Sure enough, they restored it and got it flying - an impressive feat considering the complexity of the machine.

And that was that.. or so i thought.. Today the daily mail has published a story about these very same helicopters filling the cabin with toxic exhaust fumes - blown in by the rotor blades. Many of the airmen have since been diagnosed with cancer and of course one of their airmen was Prince William. Worse, the MoD actually had knowledge of this but sat on it silently putting our future king at risk - in the name of queen and country! What a bloody disgrace.

More here:

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Re: Warbird Workshop - Freeview, Thursday @ 9 on Yesterday

Yes, I saw it, and have seen other episodes.... well worth watching.... however, I feel the programme is too short, for the amount of work involved.  some of these programmes would make 3 or 4 episodes, from start to finish.

I think the previous week, the warbird in question took 12 years to restore.... (or was that something else  ? ? ? )

As for the "fumes" that the DM published about... I think they were on to a "double whammy" for increased sales with that story...  Yes, there "probably" was a "risk" , and the MOD would have been informed if that was the case, when the evidence was available. BUT.. at the time, they probably had no alternative aircraft that could do the job, and had to accept the risk...


Pretty much the same as sending R.A.F. fighter/bomber  Pilots in to the sky, knowing that the opposition will blow them to hell, given the chance.  or... those poor squaddies, who drive the tanks and armoured vehicles, easy prey for any decent homing rocket... as the for jolly jack tar... well, he can get blown to smithereens, by a well placed homing missile, ( remember the Falklands ) .. and if he "survives" that, then he can be  burned, injured, or drowned instead.

Risk assessment involves more than just   " Ey up lads,... this stuff stinks.... better not use it anymore"..