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WARNING - DODGY Email claims to be from plusnet

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WARNING - DODGY Email claims to be from plusnet

Why is it so impossible to send an email to PlusNet - I wanted to let them know about an email I have just received and of course at 10 pm nobody to speak to but impossible to find email address either.

The email has all the PlusNet headings and says:

Online Support Announcement] - Action required - Review this email

Your ip address of your previous login differs from current IP address.

Previously you logged in from United Kingdom.

Now you have tried to login from Sacramento, California [United States]

If previous login was yours, then ignore this message.

If it was not, then it means that someone have tried to access your account.

Please confirm your identity (as a link) in order to know that you are the right account holder.

2018 © Plusnet plc - All Rights Reserved

However I noticed the email is sent from a dodgy looking address (  so I am presuming it is a scam and have not clinked on any links.  I would love to know how they get hold of our PlusNet email addresses?Huh

However I wanted to send the message and headers by email to PlusNet = searched for ages to find out how to do this but to no avail.

Anyway - a big warning to anyone else who may get one the same and may, inadvertently click on the link

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Re: WARNING - DODGY Email claims to be from plusnet

PlusNet can`t do much about it anyway.... Unfortunately..... Email addresses get passed around by "these people" so if you get this kind of message.... this forum board is probably the most effective way of

A.   letting more people know about it.. ( as you have done )

B.   letting "someone" at Plusnet know about it... ( as quite a lot of staff read the forums ).


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Re: WARNING - DODGY Email claims to be from plusnet

Itis a clumsy attempt, and laughable. I am PN's customer but the email  was addressed to wifey, who saw it on her IPad. Full headers and Message  Source make it obvious because both From and Return Path are v. strange.

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Re: WARNING - DODGY Email claims to be from plusnet

Topic locked in favour of this one.

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