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Vera Lynn - 100 Today

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Vera Lynn - 100 Today

Vera Lynn will be 100 years old today. Congratulations to this wonderful lady.


Vera Lynn


Vera Lynn 2



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Re: Vera Lynn - 100 Today

Happy Birthday Ma'am

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Re: Vera Lynn - 100 Today

Almost as old as those whales she used to sing about.

Whale Meat Again, very popular in Japan I believe!

But yes,  happy 100th birthday old girl Thumbs_Up  

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Re: Vera Lynn - 100 Today

I was privileged enough to meet her in 2010 - a lovely lady who clearly inspires a lot of people. My workplace was usually rather boring but on that day the news that she would be in had spread around like wildfire. Staff that were not on shift were in just so they could get a glimpse of her and the public were in full swing too. I got to shake her hand and speak to her for a couple of seconds so I was quite lucky! I hadn't even tried really either.. i just happened to get shoved into the situation!

Lovely lady - as is her daughter who I also met.

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