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Vehicle Vandalism

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Vehicle Vandalism

Received a letter today from my car insurer stating I am now covered for vehicle vandalism, against my car, at no extra cost.


And there is a newspaper article, also today, on vehicle vandalism !

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Re: Vehicle Vandalism

Yes I got one the other day. Not sure if it will become standard or just a perk from my company.

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Re: Vehicle Vandalism

Must be a universal thing.

After reading this an insurance update dropped through my letterbox.

I was wondering......

As most insurance will cover a cracked windscreen, but with a smallish charge, will the charge be avoidable by saying it was vandalism?


Looking at that again though it says you wont lose your no claims there's no mention of not paying the usual excess charge.


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Re: Vehicle Vandalism

Interesting - I can't see an insurance company offering some extra for no extra cost though Tongue, maybe it is mandatory.

Like with the EU roaming changes. The mobile companies pretend they are implemented out of the goodness of their heart, when actually they have been forced to.