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Vehicle Registation Certificate (V5C)

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Vehicle Registation Certificate (V5C)
New red registration certificate (V5C) roll-out
DVLA is replacing all existing blue registration certificates (V5C) and will issue a new red V5C for all vehicles by November 2012. When you receive the new red V5C you must use this for future dealings with DVLA or the Post Office

Just got my red one
the note attached was that a number of blank blue forms had been stolen
wonder how much that will cost?, just the postage must run into several million
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Re: Vehicle Registation Certificate (V5C)

Apparently the missing blank V5's went adrift at the printers after a large batch was rejected by DVLA for quality reasons.
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Re: Vehicle Registation Certificate (V5C)

Thought that this was planned for last year.
This will be the 3rd version of V5C I would have had for a 9 year old vehicle and when it was announced a couple of years ago about the new version of V5C I was glad as I'm not sure where the current version is, probably can find the original version. 
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Re: Vehicle Registation Certificate (V5C)

itsme, you need to put them in a organised place where you know where to find them each time.
I'm not an organised person by any means but i always keep the car documents in the same place even if its just a pile of loose papers I know it'll be there. Mind you for my current car all I got was the V5 and the MOT. Nothing else so not much to loose  Smiley
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