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@30FTTC06 I think having just read ur link in ur post re nordvpn I may well give them a try when this ones subscription ends, or maybe before. It's £55-56 a year so it's 2x the price of my current one but it offers a lot more stability. 

I'd wary of a CISCO IPSec VPN as I've heard less than wonderful things about them but it doesn't mention CISCO IPSec in their article. Tbh mate I'd go for it, if it has a trial period , trial it, or try it paid for a month or just go all out n get a years sub. I actually think I might compare it to Express VPN , the #1 VPN on the market , apoaerently n see what differences there are and then maybe buy a second VPN. This one I can use over up to 5 devices , at present I use it on 2 my iPad Pro and iPod touch . My mobile is a dinosoaur Samsung , it's not android or iOS, it's about 100kb ram and prob same rom lol. I just use it for OTP's actually, that's my main reason for using it , calls n texts too but mainly for 2fa.

Anyway off to do something mindless. Take care