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V.E.D. 2018

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V.E.D. 2018

Two cars, one balances out the other.... (maybe !)


Hybrid Jazz V.E.D. £10

Jeep GC V8 V.E.D. £305


Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.45.20.jpg


Jazz m.p.g.. 60+ mpg

Jeep m.p.g.. 17 mpg


Taking all expenditure into consideration, and respective mileage, both cars cost roughly the same to run, on an annual basis.


The Insurance on the Jeep is just twice what I pay for the Jazz.



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Re: V.E.D. 2018

But which is more fun to drive  ?


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Re: V.E.D. 2018

As you might expect, the Jeep GC is excellent in the Snow & Rain, so you could say the Jazz is more "fun" to drive under those conditions !


4WD v Traction Control.....


The Jeep GC with its 4.7l V8 and auto transmission is more fun when some prat comes up too close behind, flashing lights etc, and I unexpectedly accelerate away (0-60 5 seconds).

Or at the Traffic Lights Grand Prix start.


But only in a straight line, and only up to the speed limit.

However, the Jazz hybrid with its' effectively two motors, is not sluggish either.


I like driving both, I couldn't really say which is more fun to drive, they both have their merits, and "fun factor"