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Universal credit.

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Universal credit.

This has been discussed on previous occasions on the forum but what astounded me today was that some people who phoned in regarding thei benefits were being charged 55 pence a minute for the call..

Ok that has now been stopped by the government but how was it ever allowed in the first place ?  Most people on benefits are hardly going to be rolling in money.

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Re: Universal credit.

They are only scrapping the premium phone number before they face a defeat where Universal Credit is concerned. But in my opinion so far they are not going far enough. Scottish Government is working on letting people still be given their benefit fortnightly rather than monthly and scrapping the 6 week wait before first payment. This will be good news for some. 55p a minute shocked me when I read that too, wonder how much the Gov has made of it over all these years. Must be in the billions.


Edit: you won't see this on TV. Mhairi Black MP ( SNP ) Universal Credit Debate 18th Oct 2017

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