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Tube Lighting

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Re: Tube Lighting

The quality of light from LED bulbs is so much whiter and usable than fluro tube output that lumens mean sweet FA.  My brother replaced the fluro tubes in his garage with 3 x equally spaced 100 watt LED bayonet bulbs in batten holders and was amazed at how good the light output was.

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Re: Tube Lighting

Just to let you all know, I replaced 1 with the LED tube mentioned in the screwfix link in my original post.  Simple change of the starter which was included and hey, I have now got light Smiley


Just have to wait for the second tube to die out and replace that one with an LED tube. Thumbs_Up



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Re: Tube Lighting

Thanks for the update. I just wondered if the ballast still gets warm. If it does, does that mean wasted energy?

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Re: Tube Lighting

I've never bothered to check but LED versions use about half the current of fluorescent tubes so the power dissipated in the ballast is approximately a quarter of that when powering a fluorescent tube, so the answer is yes but much less. You can of course short it out if you are bothered about this.