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Traumatized By Your Previous BB Supplier?

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Traumatized By Your Previous BB Supplier?

I have Been with plusnet over 4 months now and the network has been 1st class 99.8% of the time.The thing is that like say last month things were a bit rocky and i just wanted to run to the hills.
Do you think i should sue my previous bb supplier as its obvious they were so poor that they have obviously scarred me for life!?
PN is slowly building my confidence back up though so all newbies listen up,should we perhaps sue our previous bb supplier and perhaps give the winnings to PN for slowly restoring our confidence?
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
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Re: Traumatized By Your Previous BB Supplier?

Could you not sue for PTBI (post traumatic broadband injury)? There's lots of ads on telly for personal injury lawyers - got to be worth something!  Wink