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Traffic light plan for online music seraches

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Traffic light plan for online music seraches

Traffic light plan for online music search results
Links to sites that offer legal downloads would get green tags, while links to illegal download sites would be flagged in red.

[quote=Wretch 32, the rapper who scored a number one single with his track Unorthodox earlier this year, said he understood why PRS are doing this.]
But he thinks the plan is flawed.
"I think 98% [of people] are aware of where they're getting it from.
"Everyone has got their way of obtaining music - I think people who download [illegally]... they just download.
"They know exactly where they're going and that's just what they do."
Google, which is by far the biggest search engine in the UK, said it had "no comment" on the plans

Can't see it making much difference as I would have thought those who wanted to find illigal download sites would then be directed much easier to them...
The rest of us will still be paying for it.

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