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Tracker, good in theory but...

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Tracker, good in theory but...

Having a item that you can attach to keys, cars or other items which allows you to find that item using your phone sounds like a great idea.

Looking on Amazon at TrackR Bravo which does this it has (currently got) a 5 star rating of 111 with a 1 star rating of 114.

So in theory an excellent idea but in practice not so good.

And no I have not bought one !



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Re: Tracker, good in theory but...

I couldn't afford the couple of hundred I would need.Smiley

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Re: Tracker, good in theory but...

What happens if you lose your phone and it's switched offWink

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Re: Tracker, good in theory but...

You look for it of course... Crazy

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Re: Tracker, good in theory but...

I bought a tracker (different make) at the end of last year that used an app on my phone but it kept going off for no reason so I binned it.

I did buy some with their own remote that make them bleep when pressed for the car and house keys as we are always misplacing them. It's brill - I love them and have saved me numerous times from fruitless searching.

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Re: Tracker, good in theory but...

We used to have a dog that knew exactly where our keys were, in fact sometimes he would even hide them. Something to do with not wanting to left behind when we went out I expect. 

Misplaced keys? We used to ask the dog, literally.

Found a full set of keys once with a posh Volkswagen fob attached to them in a pub car park and yep, a rather nice one was parked up. I was honest enough to ask inside if anybody had lost the keys and sure enough a hand went up.

Daft or what? his car could so easily have been nicked..... although now of course you'd just press a button and see which one lights up! 

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