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Torches & Gloves

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Re: Torches & Gloves

@twocvbloke wrote:

Oh for goodness sake, grow up...


Unlike the panic-buying prats who think the sky is falling at the mere mention of something bad happening, these guys have professionally-arranged contingency plans, they aren't some two-bit operation on an industrial estate in a portacabin, they are the people who run the damned energy networks, if they were completely susceptible to the brown stuff hitting the fan, then the UK would have collapsed a long time ago...


They have backups on backups on backups, failsafes across the board, people ready to go to replace those who may fall ill, if you think we're heading for rolling powercuts, then you're deluded...

I think you need to grow up.

This is a plague. It's spreading exponentially. As I said before, engineers are only people like us and there is not an unlimited number of them. Some HAVE been asked to live on site now - but what happens if they're already infected?

Just because YOU have never seen a disaster of this magnitude before DOES NOT MEAN IT CAN'T HAPPEN.

If you took off those rose tinted glasses for a moment you might see the reality of the real world..

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Re: Torches & Gloves

A reminder, this current state is a PANDEMIC (A geographical spread of a disease), not an EPIDEMIC (the former, but also out of control) nor a plague, the latter is the one to truly be voiding your bowels over, because if the latter does happen, then we truly are screwed, but so far we're doing well to avoid it...


But anyway, if you have such little faith in the energy sector being stable, then so be it, but to profess that all is doom and gloom without actually showing how and why, then it is just proving ignorance of the facts. Is Italy in a state of rolling powercuts? Given they're far worse off than we are, they would be the prime candidate for failure of their energy grids if these scaremongering tactics were true...


The UK's grid is in safe hands, it has to be, because if the power went off across the board, then it would take months if not years to bring it back online safely and securely, and THAT is the primary reason they have contingencies, fallbacks and failsafes. Nuclear power stations, aswell as other stations, can run themselves automatically for reasonable periods of time aswell as auto-shutdown in the event of a fault, they're not like Chernobyl operated by the skin of their teeth under the rule of the ignorant, they're precision machines today, and operated by sophisticated systems to prevent disasters and mass power failures akin to those seen in 2nd-rate end-of-the-world movies shown on the Sony movie channel...


I don't follow this pointless panicking and fear-inducing, because it is pointless, I follow Northern Powergrid on Twitter, and they're responding as they always do to powercuts, repairing faults in a timely manner, their engineers can be and are isolated from us mere mortals as it is, working amongst high-voltage equipment means the walking dim aren't going to be bothering them while up a pylon or inside a substation's walls or fence, so are distant enough to remain free of the virus...