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Top Secret.....

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Top Secret.....

A little light entertainment, for a dull and damp Sunday afternoon.


Been watching German TV..  they are showing some super marching bands at The International Military Tatoo, in Dusseldorf, Germany....... and this one really impressed me..

This vid was from last year, but the program is the same for this year... vid is about 5 mins long... well worth watching to the end..... Wink


of course... being Swiss... they just HAVE to have "precision" in their drumming skills...



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Re: Top Secret.....

That's odd I've never heard of them before now! Cheesy

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Re: Top Secret.....

Thanks for that, @shutter  - seriously impressive!

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Re: Top Secret.....

Oi go and bang on your own drum 😂😂
Very impressive
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Re: Top Secret.....

Ten out of ten for the shear skill needed in doing that.