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Top Restaurant (perhaps) gets zero hygiene rating - how do they manage that

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Top Restaurant (perhaps) gets zero hygiene rating - how do they manage that

Inspectors raised concerns under the category ‘management of food safety’, which includes assessment of the system or checks in place to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat and evidence that staff know about food safety.

However, the inspectors also found improvements are also needed in categories ‘hygienic food handling’, which includes preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage, as well as ‘cleanliness and condition of facilities and building to enable good food hygiene


The seafood restaurant currently holds two AA Rosettes and its chefs are ‘Michelin-star trained’, according to the website.

I wonder if they are confusing it with a tyre repair centre


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Re: Top Restaurant (perhaps) gets zero hygiene rating - how do they manage that

It's only my thoughts, but the tendency of a lot of rating systems is to be tick boxes, aided by zealotry. That view has been mine for many a year, since my wife looked for a nursing home for her mother. Together with our daughter, who worked in Social Services, we read the inspection reports. Such as room sizes being too small by a smidgen marked down an otherwise good place. Patients not having individual locks to rooms, or valuables boxes, and keys too were heinous irregularities. Patients had dementia, for goodness sake!Roll eyes

More to the point of the thread. Our cheap haunt for coffee or a snack lunch was cafe European, just up from Moon on the Square. Food was much better and cheaper, nor did we have a single colly-wobble. It got a 1. Any scathing criticism came from the plastic food generation, who really do believe in the tick box.

I found a very interesting view on the system too.

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Re: Top Restaurant (perhaps) gets zero hygiene rating - how do they manage that

I don't take too much notice of the hygiene star rating to be honest. Our local Turkish restaurant was marked down, but does superb food. You should try their cockroach kebabs. Wink

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Re: Top Restaurant (perhaps) gets zero hygiene rating - how do they manage that

Food Hygeine ratings are a good guide as to the safety ( or otherwise ) of the food you eat from there... Having been " on the receiving end" of several ( over the years, and a few different places )Food Police Inspections, I can assure you , it is worse than taking your car for the MoT. .. They are very thorough in their inspection routine... it`s not "just ticking boxes"... I remember one inspection ( it was a big place with over 150 seats, plus outside seating,) in a tourist trap area,  that took over two hours... we had quite a few "points" to correct, and ended up with a 4 star rating... we were totally miffed about not getting the 5 stars we were expecting..  but they came back a month later and gave us the extra star, after we had complied with their requests for the changes.   All our staff (6 part time waitresses, and ourselves)  had taken the Food Hygiene course. which, in itself is quite intensive.... there are a couple of Food Handling manuals that must be kept on premises too... Tick boxes  > > >  not in this case...