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Tommorrow - recession over or not?

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Tommorrow - recession over or not?

On Friday the 26th the ONS (Office for National Statistics) publishes its first revision of gross domestic product in the fourth quarter of last year.
Government figures released this morning showed a 6% fall in business investment in the final three months of 2009.
Given that the initial estimate of growth in quarter four 2009 was just 0.1% , that's not good.
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Re: Tommorrow - recession over or not?

I have a fundamental problem with the definition of a depression.
Once we stop going down and start going up we are out of a depression - rubbish.
When I go down a hill into a valley I am not out of the valley when I start going up but when I get back to the top and we are a very long way to being back to where we were when the Chancellor announced the end of boom and bust cycles.