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Toilet trouble

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Re: Toilet trouble

Just a thought, but what if Batman and Robin with their cloaks got confused?

There again, both using the toilets at the same time might not be a good idea. Wink






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Re: Toilet trouble

@Alex wrote:

... just had the male/female symbols.


I was with a friend and had to tell him what symbol meant it was the male toilet Grin


My biology teacher told us the male symbol is based on a bow and arrow, and the female one on a mirror.  I'm not sure that is so, and nowadays I can imagine many objections being voiced.

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Re: Toilet trouble

This sign at the Ralia rest area off the A9 at Newtonmore could be confusing if you're in a hurry!


ralia 1063.JPG

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Re: Toilet trouble

I imagine a length of cunningly added black sticky tape would add to the confusion.  Smiley