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Today, I found out.......

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Today, I found out.......

I`m not the only one ! ! ! .... 


Not the only one, what  ?  you ask..... answer ... who is remotely interested in football, and the antics of the hysterical thousands who are !..


How did I find out?

I went for a haircut... and the lady who was cutting it, mentioned something about football..which I did not hear properly, cos I had to take my hearing aids out before she started...  so... she spoke a little louder, near to my ear, and said... (by way of "barbershop conversation" .)..". I suppose your having your hair cut, so you will be able to watch the football..? "


"What is football ?"   I asked..f


"Oh.. she replied...". you`re not into football then ? "


""No "   i replied.... "... never have been"....


"That makes two of us"... she said...


"Oh !  THAT many  ? ? ?  " I responded....  Cheesy)


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Re: Today, I found out.......

I'm wondering how long the hair was that it needed cut to watch TV Grin
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Re: Today, I found out.......

@shutter wrote:

"That makes two of us"... she said...



Very quiet on the roads driving home tonight from 7 to 8:00. Smiley

Overtaken at well over the speed limit three times though, once dangerously so. Presumably prepared to risk life & limb to get home and put the TV on.  

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Re: Today, I found out.......

Make that four.


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Re: Today, I found out.......

I read that 37m watched the game in the UK last night🤔
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Re: Today, I found out.......

What a good job some of us Octogenarians keep fit in one sport or another, and reduce the N.H.S. bill Ha Ha