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Thunder and lightning !

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Thunder and lightning !

Apparently,....... there was a huge storm in our area last night.... about 3 a.m. for an hour and a half.... according to one "friend"  it was like a comprehensive missile attack, and he thought the Russians had started an attack.......
Slept through it all... in fact, I commented to the missus, "must have had a bit of rain last night, as there is a puddle in the middle of the road".... ..  When I looked out of the window at 7.30 
A bit worrying really...... cos.... if it was THAT loud,... and for THAT long...... and I slept through it..... would I be able to wake up when the smoke alarm sounded outside the bedroom door  ? 
Perhaps I should get a couple more and put them INSIDE the bedroom....  Cheesy
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Re: Thunder and lightning !

I guess if they are linked (wired/wireless) alarms it might work. Modern alarms have an alert where the beat of the alarm changes. Some research show kids can sleep through alarms with a regular pulse.
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