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Thousands of pupils will get reheated

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Thousands of pupils will get reheated

Tens of thousands of pupils in primary schools will be served reheated meals or cold sandwiches as a result of Nick Clegg’s controversial free lunches policy.
And more than 3,100 primaries – one in five – say they will definitely be unable to offer traditional cooked lunches because they lack proper kitchens and cannot afford them.
They will be forced to buy in pre-prepared meals and either keep the lunches warm or heat them up – in some cases with a microwave – on site in mini-kitchens.
Other schools say they will not even be able to do that – with dozens insisting they will be able to offer only a cold packed lunch.
Note how he has a full plate of hot food..... Untouched, avoiding a Miliband Burger type piccy

I'm sure we all remember our School Lunches... especially the puddings !
My schools (Stockport CC) did excellent lunches, and "afters"
Free milk too, especially nice with Chocolate Straws.
Anyone remember the really big Wagon Wheels and frozen Jubblies from the local Tuck Shop ?
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Re: Thousands of pupils will get reheated

the problem with the policy is he didn't think it through at all, I mean its a nice idea but the vast majority of schools never had a proper onsite kitchen, indeed many areas there was a meals on wheels wagon that drove round urns of that days slops and it got swapped for yesterdays urns dished out warm and bobs your uncle.
in my county its going to cost over 600k to expand /upgrade existing kitchens and buy in the proper hot delivery facilities to perform this new policy (since central Govt pay for the actual meals they don't cost anything), and then its all about age, the current year 5 group will be aged between 10 and 8 for most of the next year so several of them wont qualify for the meals but the rest of the class will do, what they should of gone for was either free school meals for anyone getting tax credits or for everyone  in years 1>11 ..... this strange half assed split will just be trouble and too expensive both in the short and long terms and I don't understand what is happening with the pupil premium, iirc its getting torn up to pay for the extra food, that means a lot of schools will go bankrupt in short order since they rely on the money the pupil premium brings in to provide all the extra's like trips .....

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