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Those ex Colleagues we have known

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Those ex Colleagues we have known

OK, Houston, we've had a problem here ...

Apollo 13

April 13th 1970


@Anonymous wrote:
Quote from: journeys
Remember watching him with James Burke, Cliff Michelmore on TV during June 1969, great presenter, very enthusiastic

I was working in the BBC TVC studios throughout the Apollo Missions, nice man, very knowledgeable.
Nice memories.

 OK, Houston, we've had a problem here ...



When that fateful communication came through, I was alone in the BBC TV Studio manning the cameras, the rest of the crew had gone off to the restaurant for food & drink.


I remember it well.... "We have to get the crew back"

Very soon after, the crew appeared and manned all the cameras, and we went into full professional mode covering the event.


My Crew chief at the time, a brilliant man, took control.



I have just learnt that he has recently died.

I learned a lot from him, being straight from School to the BBC as a Trainee.


I get regular emails from an ex colleague at the BBC, also Thames TV, with updates as to who has passed away.

They are becoming more frequent these days.


Each one is sad.

Especially my BBC ex crew chief.


It brought back many happy memories of my time at  BBC TV in London, at TV Centre

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Re: Those ex Colleagues we have known

You deserve a thanks for not doing the old misquoting of that of that, which many do. Smiley
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Re: Those ex Colleagues we have known

As mentioned, I was there at the time, and heard the message clear as day in the Studio.


A pivotal moment in History,  I will never forget the whole Apollo 13 experience.


It was Live, and I was there, I was so privileged.



Being a Live 24 hour transmission there was already food and cold drinks available in the Studio.



After the Crew returned, soon after, Hot food and a massive Tea Urn appeared.


Other crews relieved us over the next few days.......


Many of us stayed in and near the Studio until they landed safely, on the 17th April.


History in the making, and so spell binding.


And with a direct feed to NASA comms.