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This may have been mentioned before...

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This may have been mentioned before...

But I just wanted to say what a breath of fresh air these forums bring compared to many others I subscribe to (including StalkStalk).
My main justification for this is how the mods adhere to the 'Use of Quotes' rule. Reading threads here becomes a breeze and so easy to see the context and follow each thread with ease. So many others you end up having to scroll down a whole page or more quoting the preceeding post in full just to see one or two words Cheesy
The mods do an excellent job of keeping things on track, ensuring that heated debates do not get out of control and making it all the more enjoyable for us.
Just felt I wanted to pass on my thanks and admiration to all involved and that includes posters Smiley

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Re: This may have been mentioned before...

With regard to quotes, I like to think of it in terms of a face to face conversation.
Imagine how strange it would be if each person repeated the other persons words before adding their own.
In a group situation people often say things like "as John just said a moment ago...." quoting something that was not the immediately preceding contribution.

I have also browsed forums where multi level quotes are common and reading becomes a right royal pain.

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Re: This may have been mentioned before...

Agree with mav about the mods who are absolutely first rate  Smiley
Also agree with the rule not allowing full history of a thread to be quoted. This is allowed in a tennis forum I use and it makes it very difficult indeed to follow a particular thread