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This is really amazing

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This is really amazing

As a deaf person I have daily issues dealing with idiots,eg people who tell me to get a hearing aid without knowing what type of hearing loss I have, and  newsagents who hide their cash register  display behind sweet racks etc etc.
I suddenly wondered how do blind people access the internet.  So i googled for text to speech free software and chose natural reader. I installed it and went to plusnet forums page, clicked on control and f9 and the software read out my latest post beautifully and loud even for deaf old me.
I was gobsmacked. Oh the joys of technology. So oif any of you good people have eyesight problems please d/l the free natural reader software its simply brilliant
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Re: This is really amazing

Yep, if I recall correctly MidnightCaller uses such a software package himself as he's dyslexic (so has difficulty processing written words). It's also worth mentioning that anyone with a Mac has text-to-speech software built in to their computer… including a voice that reads stuff out to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory. Shocked