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Think your kids are safe on MSN?

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Think your kids are safe on MSN?

Think your safe on MSN?
A strange worrying case in 2006 4 lads 18-24  who are in no way connected started talking to a girl on MSN. She stated she was 18 years old and a pole dancer (this is recorded in the logs) to cut a long story short she sent them nude pictures of herself and the topic of sex came up and  was discussed.
A year later in 2007 the Police from Edinburgh arrested all these lads for lewd and libidinous behaviour to a 14 year old girl in care and possessing nude pictures of a minor.
They had the logs which showed she told them she was 18 and none of the lads ever met her or had sex with her. They were all up in court over it.
The strange thing is its under Scottish law as she lived in Edinburgh and under the law there is no defence written in the law for this offence but if they had sex with her its actually in the law they cant prosecute after 12 months and the defence is you didn’t know her age this is written in the law.
As there is no defence in law they had to plead guilty and go on the sex offenders register.
There are millions of teenagers who talk like this on MSN and in the street and I often hear 12 year olds talking like it but it’s a worrying move  specially if you have teenagers. Again it’s the law gone mad the law was to stop kids being groomed by paedophiles which clearly isn’t the case here. Its just normal teenage stuff and they all only spoke to her for a short time.
One has to ask how all this went on when she was in care
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Re: Think your kids are safe on MSN?

I'm too old / cynical* to accept anyone on MSN messenger unless I know them.
As my kids get older and start to use the PC more I hope to instill in them them inherent distrust of everything  Smiley
* delete as you see fit.

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