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Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

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Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

Well .... just try to contact PayPal UK by phone (London 020 number). My wife has a little problem with her account, trying the webpage leads you round in circles.....
Phoneline open 8am to 630pm ... she rings every hour ... same message and line cut off.
Sound familiar to some? If PayPal a billion pound company with a worldwide bussiness can't answer the phone what hope is there!
Disclaimer -- "some" might have a problem contacting PN, I did not and managed to get a small problem (Fibre update not quite right) sorted.
However its not looking good on the PayPal front 😞
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Re: Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

It really is mind boggling bad that six months on some businesses still haven't adapted to the present conditions.

Or perhaps they have as personally I think the unscrupulous just see it as an extra profit making opportunity. An excuse to offer a lesser service for the same or a higher price.

I always thought the covid mantra of "we are all in this together" was plain hogwash. As it must to clear to everyone by now we aren't.

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Re: Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

Certainly looks like "working from home" is a concept that some - even billion pound companies - can't grasp.
My lot (a small uk company) had WFH set up and running within a week.
How much is cost cutting and the punter can access all they need from the website. Except of course we can't..... 🙂
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Re: Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

Better still, try Thames Water.

Once through the maze of choices, warnings about Covid 19 etc, the voice says all their CS staff are working from home so the barking of dogs, wailing of children etc may be heard.

Twice I got through to what I assume was a CS but apart from a barking dog total silence.

On the third attempt, a man answered and once I had finished explaining why I was calling, the call was cut off before he could respond.

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Re: Think Plusnet don't answer? Try PayPal ....

Yep I tried ringing BT yesterday to cancel. Costing 33 paaand a month for a landline I don't need.

My internet is through Branson Media, as there is only one company you can go now through for cable. As I said on another thread, Richard either gave "The Monopolies and Mergers Commission" a massive pay off to turn a blind eye to it and subsequentially they must have spent some of that down the pub (as opposed to say, actually doing their job).

Yes I had the same through BT, which is fair enough I suppose. Took around 20 minutes to get through. Not too bad.

Though the hold music was doing my head in. The same 10 second (I would say music, but that would be too kind) loop, which was awful. Not actual music of course, as you have to pay royalities for that I believe.

Put my mobie on speaker, as I am not holding it to my ear listing to that [-Censored-], so I had to listen on speaker instead.

Whilst waiting, my friend who was visiting. So this my sense of humour:

Me: (Walks in from my bedroom to the living room, with my phone on speaker).
Me: "What do you reckon, shall I start a disco with this music?".
Friend: "No".
(Friend was watching the TV).
Me: "I'll go back to my bedroom then and let you watch it".
Friend: "Yes - thanks".

How's me maths doing:

20 mins = 60 x 20 = 1200 seconds.

So a 10 second music loop:

1200 / 10 = 120 times.

So my maths education has not gone to waste quite yet then 😀

I am mentally scarred by that now, I want to forget that jingle, but can't. 😱

Bad enough my friend thought the Maccas jingle was funny to keep reinciting ad vertaim. Again they paid someone money to come up with that?

The world has gone mad.