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Things not to say

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Things not to say

We've all been guilty of such things especially it seems when it comes to the Irish but what grinds your gears when it comes to your accent or where you live?

For me when living in London it was people saying "wotcha mate, apple and pears" and that we were all all spivs doing a bit of 'ducking and diving'........ which of course we were Wink

Now an honorary Welshman with a bit of an accent gained by being here for forty years, it's the 'chasing' of sheep whilst saying "lovely lovely lovely" à la Neil Kinnock and Spitting Image and I have never ever heard anybody say "boyo". 

As for Yorkshire women, they're in a bikini at anything above 15 degrees Roll_eyes



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Re: Things not to say

I don't think I have any accent at all but when I last travelled a bit north east in the country more than a few people remarked ooer ooer aay where did you park yer combine harvester.