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There but not there

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There but not there

i would presume that most here would remember the Ceramic poppies in London Thumbs_Up

well there is a new one " life-size silhouettes which will be installed across the nation for November 2018"

or if you wish you buy your own TOMMY silhouette Smiley

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Re: There but not there

Brilliant post. Thank you.
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Re: There but not there

We should remember those who were killed in the war(s)... and this is adequately done, by the Rememberance Services all across the country... and , indeed, "poppy day"... and poppy selling....

However.. I do think that now we are in the TWENTYFIRST century, and we have " made friends" with Germany, and others ( Italy, and Russia ). it is about time we respected the dead in a more "discreet" manner, (as we do already).. than using gimmicky stuff like giant poppies, and statues, which, probably are the brainchild of some moneymaking schemers.

Blatant showing off, is tantamount to "rubbing salt" in the wounds of Germany, and others who we fought. yet we still buy lots of stuff from Germany, and it`s allies,  apart from their cars... because it is better quality and cheaper than the equivelant british made stuff..


We may have won the actual fighting war.... but it appears to me that Germany came out of it much better than we have....,,  just take a look at their railways, trams services, roads, etc, and how they have rebuilt all those towns and cities, to look as if nothing had happened to them during our bombing campaigns which totally destroyed them. .. 



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Re: There but not there

I think we should continue the annual day of remembrance which is for everyone who've died in the (military) service of the country.  Of course we can't blame today's Germans for what happened during WWII any more than we can be blamed for Britain's part in slavery etc.

Yes, Germany has done well post-1945; having been excused any payment of war reparations was undoubtedly a great help, and being prohibited from having much of a defence force saves them a lot of money.