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The irksome downside of country broadband.

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The irksome downside of country broadband.

On the bright side, I live in the country. On the downside, I get rural broadband.
Worse still, because I get JUST over 2Mb/sec, I'm between a rock and a hard place - not only do I pay twice as much for 1/8th the speed of people in cities, but because I'm just over the 2Mb threshold, I don't qualify for the Welsh Assembly's free satellite/wimax installation schemes.
Your DSL Connection Rate :2.3 Mbps(DOWN-STREAM), 0.83 Mbps(UP-STREAM)
IP Profile for your line is - 2 Mbps
Date   Download Speed Upload Speed
Before line repair: Monday 11:02 174 kbps (21.8kB/s) 25 kbps (3.13kB/s)
After line repair: Monday 17:56 551 kbps (68.9kB/s) 700 kbps (87.5kB/s)
On 3g mobile dongle: Today 09:42 1865 kbps (233kB/s) 775 kbps (96.9kB/s)
Back on Plusnet: Today 11:47 2108 kbps (264kB/s) 705 kbps (88.1kB/s)
Shows what a sad state rural broadband is in when a 3g dongle with 1 bar of signal gives almost-as-good download and better upload speeds than a wired connection.
That's not Plusnet's fault though; just a bit galling when you pay over twice as much as a Market 2 or Market 3 area, but get less than 1/8th the speed.
Anyway, cathartic rant over - at least I don't live in a tower block for which I'm thankful!
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Re: The irksome downside of country broadband.

But I Live on the outskirts of a City (Preston, Lancashire) and my broadband speed is half of what you are getting and I am not in one of the cheaper areas either.
I Could get Fibre but the speed would be around 10 Mbps.
Fully agree this is nothing to do with Plusnet.