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The drought and aquifers

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The drought and aquifers

We have friends who live near Chichester who have a 'winter' stream on their land which is the source of one of the small rivers in the area. Normally it flows for about 6-8 weeks each winter, but the last two winters it hasn't flowed at all.
I suspect you've guessed what I'm going to say next: yes, within the last couple of weeks it has started flowing. They also have a well in which they monitor the level and last week it rose by about 4 inches and the rise is only now showing signs of slowing down. The locals say they've never seen the stream flowing in summer in over 40 years.
Half a mile from them is a pumping station which extracts water from the aquifer, it will be interesting to see how quickly the level drops again if the rains don't return.
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Re: The drought and aquifers

Yep - same here in the Berkshire downs.
I live on a Winterburn. It usually goes away (goes underground) in midsummer, and comes back (resurfaces) around Christmas when the autumn rains have refilled the chalk aquifer.
This year it didn't come back at all until June - it actually reappeared on the the Jubilee weekend. The springs which feed it are still running fairly strongly, so if we get a normal Autumn's rainfall we might keep it until next summer.