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The better off.... just got better off.

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The better off.... just got better off.

No fan of this circus as many of you will know, but recently got to thinking that maybe they are the last bastion against extreme 'cultural diversity'.

First they came for the Councils.......

Just saying. Sad


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Re: The better off.... just got better off.

it isn't quite as straightforward as it appears (paywalled)

The Queen’s funding is based on 25 per cent of the profits of the Crown Estate, which yesterday hit a new high of £328.8 million.

Whether it should be calculated in that way is a different question

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Re: The better off.... just got better off.

£369 million is to be spent on renovating Buckingham Palace but only £8 million was spent on refurbishing Grenfell House prior to its destruction by a fire that is widely assumed to have resulted from "economies" brought about the use of cheap materials.

No cladding on the front of Buckingham Palace to give it a "Modern feel" then? At least we have our priorities right. Huh