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The Sounds of Spring

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The Sounds of Spring



Up early doing online shop.


How delightful to hear all the birds singing away.

And now, thankfully in the distance, a C ock crows.

Hear it most mornings if outside, or by open window, but today especially nice.


And even further away, a train.


Everywhere is so peacefully quiet.


And later on, the chatter of passing school children.

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Re: The Sounds of Spring

Yes it's hard to be miserable and down when you're tidying up the garden in the lovely sunshine.

Best part of the day.

Most of the telly and internet is just bad news, something I'm beginning to avoid looking at.

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Re: The Sounds of Spring

The sound of Spring, a time when I get the mower out to prep for the coming months of trailing behind the ol' pushy-cutty machine... 😂


I even bought a bigger Honda engine to plop on it (assuming it works) for less boggy-downyness in that meadow of a "lawn" out there, cos the small Briggs engine is just not man enough for that kind of task... 🤣