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The Simpsons in Lego form

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The Simpsons in Lego form
Another DM story (sorry, I'm bored and just surfing random sites)
I'm a fan of both the Simpsons and Lego (even though really I'm too old for Lego at nearly 3Cool so I'll be watching the Lego Simpsons episode in May.
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Re: The Simpsons in Lego form

That explains Homers 'builders butt'  Cheesy
Always thought Marge's hair was a bit stuck up too.. Grin
I need a new signature... i'm bored of the old one!
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Re: The Simpsons in Lego form

The best use of LEGO would be to brick up the simpsons and let us get on with real life  Cheesy
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Re: The Simpsons in Lego form

I'd like to see a Lego Simpsons game. The Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars games are great.