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The Repair Shop

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The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop on BBC One is a programme that I try not to miss.

I like to see skill in action alongside the pleasure of the owners of damaged items brought in for repair when they get their treasured items back.

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Re: The Repair Shop

A chap not very far from were I live buzzes around in a battered 1970s blue MGB with paint faded and for some reason, it has a yellow bonnet. I'm guessing it's been replaced at some time but I have often thought that if I had a decent sized garage along with all the gear (and some half decent skills) how great it would be to strip it down and tart it back up.

Shame to see such a classic in need of some serious TLC.


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Re: The Repair Shop

It’s surprising that the skills used on the show still exist and show almost any repair is possible.

I’d love To see an Art restorer at work.

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Re: The Repair Shop

I agree.. excellent program. There are in many  towns with places called The Repair Cafe where retired experts meet and you can go for help if you need help. They will help and show you how to do the repair. Check on the internet it will tell you where your nearest one is.