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The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

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The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

[quote=]An 84 key, USB, Vintage-Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard that's fun to type on and beautiful to look at!
The Qwerkywriter is an 84 key, USB, typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard that simulates a tactile clicky feel of a vintage typewriter.  It features custom typewriter inspired keycaps, an integrated tablet stand, and a detachable USB cable via mini-usb port.
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Re: The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

such a great idea its not even original
there was a huge number of typewriter conversion and typewriter inspired keyboards in the last few years, someone's either late to the party or figured out a new way of doing the same thing as others and coining in the cash to make it into a viable business without needing to put in a lot of effort or indeed carry the risk of drumming up investment.
kickstarter /crowdfunding can be great options for real innovative business's that don't want or cant get traditional capital investment,  but sadly they are rather prone to non idea options as well /.
just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you